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GBE has built a strong and varied portfolio of in-house designed products and customer lead projects that span a number of sectors. The common themes throughout these projects are the relationships that GBE have built with the customer to understand the requirement and the investment of our resources and experience to maximise GBE’s electronics design, manufacturing and after sales service.

This has enabled the development and implementation of very successful electronic products and business solutions. All of these products now serve as powerful development platforms which can be customised to a variety of functions, which significantly reduces time-to-market and costs, generating quicker more profitable sales.


BloodTrack® - remote inventory and bedside transfusion management solution

Imaging Workstationhigh specification workstation system design and build

Diagnostic Support Systemshigh specification server design and build

Communications – In Car Taxis Dispatch

Starman - enables a USB device to connect and interface with peripheral devices

Clearview Multifunction Custom Designed Smartphone - in-car mobile data unit

GAFFA - internally developed architectural framework


Power Factor Correction - modular efficiency improvement of off-line mains usage

400Hz High Specification Frequency Converter - Coming soon.

USB Relay - single external relay control via a USB port


Ewan the Dream Sheep - sleeping aid for young children

Fuzz Boxelectric guitar Germanium overdrive effects pedal

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