Kitting & BoM

Full or partial material kitting procurement as a stand-alone service or part of full product manufacturing.

Leveraging our robust supply chain and extensive industry experience, GBE offers an efficient and cost-effective kitting procurement solution. Our team schedules deliveries to meet your demand which enables you to focus on manufacturing and building your client base, rather than dealing with multiple component suppliers and stock.

We can offer multiple drops, scheduled over a 12-month period, and leveraging our large order-books with mainline franchised distributors also improves your profitability. This service also includes, where applicable, recommendations for alternative, more economical components. Components supplied for your own in-house assembly will be packaged and clearly marked, according to your instructions and GBE will organise the drop quantities.

This service includes all BoM components such as sub-assemblies, electro-mechanical, metalwork, plastic enclosures, fasteners, cables, and customised packaging.

Our service includes:

  • Extensive in-house experience of order scheduling and kitting (as used by our manufacturing team)
  • Customised labelling and packaging to your design
  • In-house design team to assess and recommend alternatives, where applicable
  • Revision management and open-book costing for production BoMs with agreed margins
  • Leveraging bulk spend with main franchised distributors enabling real cost reductions

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