The silhouette of a father and son walking on a beach with a derelict pier in the background to help illustrate GBE's 'Community' section.

Our Community

An illustrated map of West Sussex with GB Electronics' key community ties pinpointed.

Digital Ambassador

Our Managing Director Mark Bullen has been selected as a Digital Futures Ambassador for West Sussex. Digital Futures is a fantastic initiative which aligns with GBE’s strategy and experience.

West Sussex is a fantastic location to build a company, especial a tech-focused digital business. The area has amazing potential and is set for spectacular growth. A career in the growing and ever-diverse digital industry is incredibly rewarding.

At GBE we have a passion for the digital industry, launching over 5 new products to market every year, building our team to over 60 people, specialising in software, hardware and product design with our own advanced manufacturing site. Working with local schools, colleges, universities, and SMEs has also shown the talent pool we have in West Sussex.

Worthing College

GBE takes pride in wanting to drive and inspire a future generation of engineers. That’s why in 2022 we teamed up with Worthing College to ensure students have access to a wealth of future opportunities. From this, GBE sponsored Worthing College’s electronics lab by providing essential equipment, such as, wire cutters, cabling & PIC microcontroller chips.

As well as offering an inside route to students for summer internships, work experience and apprenticeship opportunities.

We have been working with a small group of enthusiastic STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) students to design a score board for their rugby pitch. The GBE group is happily supporting Worthing College by funding and supplying expertise to help lead the students through the design.

This project allows for cross collaboration through all the GBE group; GBE will help guide the electronics and mechanical design as well as producing and manufacturing the final design, GBE Power helping with the input power supply, GBL helping with the software and firmware to control the scoreboard. The key reason behind this collaboration is to expose students to industry standard practices as well as working alongside electronic and mechanical engineers. We are proud to be teamed up with our local college, Worthing College, and look forward to seeing what these enthusiastic students create.