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Electronics Design Services

We offer a full range of in-house electronics design services, including concept, schematic, Bill of Materials (BoM), PCB layout (Gerber), prototype assembly, compliance and design for manufacture (DfM).

At GB Electronics, our professional team specialises in delivering electronic product design solutions for businesses across various sectors.

Whether you require concept development, schematic design, PCB layout, prototype assembly, compliance assessments, or design for manufacture (DFM) services, we have got you covered.

Contact our electronics designers today to see how we can help make your concepts a reality.

Our electronics design service includes:

  • Electronic hardware schematic & PCB layout design using Altium® Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Electronics Design software suite
  • Design for ARM based microcontrollers through to Embedded computers
  • Full turnkey solutions and flexible work packages
  • Design for Manufacturing and production rollout
  • Risk management and design for compliance
  • Electro-mechanical integration
  • Power management, battery, solar charging and low-power IoT design
  • Feasibility studies and proof of concept prototypes
  • Review, enhancement and redesign of existing products
  • Design of production programming and test tools

Why Choose Our Electronics Design Services?

GBE is a design partner that blends creativity and collaboration and always aims to understand our clients' needs, vision, and goals while providing value add and innovation.

Our dedicated team of engineers leverage cutting-edge tools and techniques to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the design process to deliver a complete turnkey solution.

Tracking emerging technologies and trends, we provide innovative and bespoke solutions that help our clients unlock their product’s full potential, from the product’s inception through to the manufacturing phase, with due consideration for compliance and legal obligations.

Our comprehensive portfolio of products that we have successfully introduced to the market encompasses different sectors such as medical, consumer and industrial.

Whether our clients need a simple prototype or a complex system, our flexible approach allows us to fulfil all their design needs.

A blue and orange icon to help illustrate electronics design.

Our Electronic Design Services

Our electronics design services at GB Electronics are founded on a commitment to excellence and innovation.
We specialise in various services to cater to your specific needs, including:

Image of a schematic drawing with a capacitor on top

Schematic & PCB Layout Design

GBE has extensive experience designing with Altium Designer CAE for both schematic capture and PCB layout, with simulation where needed. We have designed products of various sizes and complexities, from miniature consumer IoT devices to complex, multi-board embedded systems consisting of digital and analogue electronic functionality.

Our PCB layouts range from single-sided conventional PCBs to multilayer, flex-rigid, high-density layouts, including fine-pitch FPGA breakout and routing of controlled impedances such as DDR memory buses, Ethernet, and USB interfaces.

Design for Microcontrollers to Embedded Computers

At GBE, we have a wealth of experience working with ARM microcontrollers, the leading technology for reliable and comprehensive processing as well as other architectures like ESP32 and Renesas. We can also integrate embedded computer modules such as Raspberry Pis or other off-the-shelf processor modules like Arduinos to create quick-to-market, versatile and robust solutions for your project.

Whether you need a simple or complex system, we can design and implement it with efficiency and quality.

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Full Turnkey Solutions & Flexible Work Packages

Are you looking for a partner who can handle your entire design project from start to finish? Or do you need a partner to assist you with specific stages of your design process? Either way, GBE is the perfect choice for you. We can provide full turnkey solutions that take your concept and turn it into a reality, with full-scale manufacturing and quality assurance. We can also offer flexible work packages that allow you to choose the services you need and fit seamlessly within your workflow. We are adaptable, professional, and experienced in delivering the best design solutions for your needs.

Design for Manufacturing & Test Tools and Production Rollout

At GBE, our expertise extends from design into production. Collaborating closely with our production facility, we meticulously optimise every product design for efficient manufacturing, reducing both time and cost for our clients. We prioritise compliance from the project's inception, ensuring that our designs align with all required obligations and product standards. This proactive approach minimises delays and potential issues down the line. Our track record includes the production of high-quality test tools and precision jigs, guaranteeing conformity in production and providing robust traceability. With GBE, you can trust that your product will be crafted with excellence and efficiency.

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Image of some sketches with a pencil and compass

Electro-Mechanical Integration

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient partner to handle your electro-mechanical design needs, look no further than GBE. We are committed to delivering the best electro-mechanical design solutions for your project.

We have the skills and tools to integrate with SolidWorks® and prove the fit and functionality of your design. We use Altium 365 MCAD CoDesigner tools to collaborate seamlessly with your mechanical design team or any third-party designers. We can also work with our in-house industrial design engineers to ensure your product meets your aesthetic and ergonomic requirements.

Review, Enhancement & Redesign of Existing Products

At GBE, we are passionate about creating innovative and effective solutions for your design needs. Whether you need a standalone design review, some project optimisation, or a full product redesign, we have the expertise and proven experience to deliver high-quality results. We can work with any existing project and enhance its design with our fresh perspective and cutting-edge techniques. We can also excel in transforming outdated or underperforming products into modern and competitive ones. No matter your design challenge, we are ready to help you achieve your goals and elevate your performance.

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