Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)

AOI is a key technique we use in the manufacture and test of electronic PCB’s. Automatic optical inspection enables fast and accurate inspection, ensuring that the quality of products leaving the production line is high and built correctly.

Due to the complexity of the boards our surface mount lines create means that manual inspection is not a viable option. Therefore, AOI is an essential tool in our electronics test strategy, ensuring costs are kept low and detecting faults early in the production line.

We have two AOI machines by ALeader & Mirtech. Our machines utilise state of the art software to “learn” as it inspects. These machines are able to detect a variety of surface feature defects such as open circuits, shorts and thinning of solder. They can also detect incorrect components, missing components & incorrectly placed components. We also have digital inspection cameras for more in-depth analysis and rework.

Advantages of AOI:

  • Detects faults early in the production line
  • Easily detect defects & component errors
  • Utilise state of the art software which "learns" as it inspects

Our machines include:

  • ALeader automatic optical inspection machine
  • AOI by Mirtech
  • Digital inspection cameras

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