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Electronics Compliance

An essential part of every design project is Product Compliance. GBE has extensive experience in a diverse range of markets and provides a full testing and compliance strategy as part of our design protocol.

As a Sussex-based firm with a proven track record, we understand the critical importance of navigating the complex landscape of legislative requirements and standards. We continually keep up to date with developments in the field of compliance.

Our comprehensive electronics compliance services encompass a meticulous testing and validation strategy integrated into our design protocol.

From crafting risk documentation, technical files, and Declaration of Conformity (DoC) documentation to conducting pre-compliance EMC and Immunity Testing, we ensure your products meet the highest industry standards.

With a commitment to industry expertise, a time-to-market advantage, and a collaborative approach, GB Electronics is your go-to partner for tailored solutions in achieving regulatory compliance and bringing your products to market with confidence.

Our compliance service includes:

  • Legislative requirements, testing and validation e.g. Electromagnet Compatibility (EMC), Low Voltage Directive (LVD), RoHS and Medical Device Directive
  • Full technical file production release information, including Declaration of Conformity documentation
  • Design of compliant product labelling and instructions for use
  • Review of existing products and assistance with design optimisations to help with compliance challenges
  • Experience in Life Science, Medical, Healthcare, Consumer (including safe toy design to EN71), Industrial, Instrumentation, Power Electronics, In-vehicle ESA Type Approval

Why Choose GB Electronics for Your Compliance Needs?

At GB Electronics, our commitment to excellence extends beyond just compliance—it encompasses industry expertise that sets us apart as your preferred partner.

With a proven history of successful compliance implementations, we specialise in designing products that adhere to critical Directives and Approval Marks.

Whether securing Type Approval, the prestigious NRTL Mark, or compliance with the Radio Equipment Directive (RED), our seasoned professionals ensure that your products meet and exceed regulatory expectations.

Trust GB Electronics for a collaborative journey towards successfully meet your compliance obligations, where industry knowledge and meticulous attention to detail converge to elevate your products to new heights of quality and market readiness.

An orange and blue graphic of a clipboard and tick mark to help illustrate GB Electronics' compliance services.

What Is Electronics Compliance?

In the intricate landscape of product development, electronics compliance is a pivotal element in ensuring any design project's success and market readiness.

It involves adhering to legislative requirements, rigorous testing, and validation processes that guarantee the product's conformity with technical standards and specifications written by bodies such as CENELEC, IEC, UL, and ETSI.

At GB Electronics, we recognise the significance of a robust compliance strategy, considering it an indispensable input to the initial Product Design Specification.

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A Comprehensive Approach to Compliance

GB Electronics boasts extensive experience across diverse markets, offering a comprehensive suite of Electronics Compliance services.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our identification of risks, including foreseeable misuse, tailored to your product.

We provide bespoke test plans, full testing, and compliance strategy, seamlessly integrated into our design protocol for your product.

Documentation and Testing Expertise

We go beyond the basics, providing Technical Files, Declaration of Conformity (DoC), expertly designed product labelling and advice on instructions for use.

Our pre-compliance EMC and Immunity Testing ensure that your product meets the required standards even before any formal compliance testing.

Our meticulously crafted documentation can be presented to externally accredited test houses, allowing our clients to confidently approach formal third-party compliance testing.

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Tailored Compliance Solutions

Recognising that each industry has unique demands, our compliance services cover a spectrum of sectors, including Life Science, Medical, Healthcare, Consumer (including toy design EN71), Industrial, Instrumentation, Power Electronics, and In-vehicle ESA Type Approval.

We offer a thorough review of existing products and assist in design optimisations, addressing compliance challenges effectively.

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