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6th October 2022

Surface Mount Assembly Line
Did you know we have fully automated, high-tech surface mount assembly lines? This means we have the speed and flexibility to cope with most jobs, even at a short notice Our Europlacer lineo+II pick and place machines work at impressive speed, placing up to 60,000 CPH. This remarkable technology works efficiently, placing even the smallest components in a timely manner allowing us to give quality service to our customers. However, pressing play is just the cherry on top of the cake. There is a lot of preparation and assessment before we let the surface mount assembly line work their magic. Every component on the board is thoughtfully selected and examined by our experienced team, before going through multiple additional checks. The production engineering team have extensive manufacturing experience across a large variety of assemblies and industries. This allows us to confidently offer a high-mix PCBA service in small, medium & large batches (10-10,000) across a variety of sectors. Our surface mount assembly service include: - Fast-Turnaround Prototype assembly - Small & medium batch size PCBA - Automatic Optical Inspection - Functional testing - Reflow & re-work

GB Electronics

1st October 2022

Meet The GBE Group
Hi, we are the fantastic four GBE group. Let’s talk about what we all do… GBE is a design led manufacturing company, based in Goring-By-Sea, UK, we have extensive industry knowledge, skills and experience within a wide range of sectors. To name a few, we started with in-vehicle telematics which led into many other sectors such as healthcare, medical, life science, consumer, power & industrial electronics. To see more about GBE please visit our new and improved LinkedIn profile which is full of information. Wildtrax Electronics is our surface mount assembly (SMA) ‘engine room’ and joined the GBE group in 2017. WT built a reputation for quality and efficiency in the sub-contract assembly market, stretching back over 25 years. Since joining the GBE group, we have enhanced our range of business services. This additional means we can offer a complete, in-house, design and manufacturing service that can take an initial idea right through to finished products ready for sale, plus after sale support. We have also improved our sub-contract SMA only offering as well. GB Logical (UK) Ltd is a dynamic technology company that specialises in building completely bespoke, innovative software solutions. GBL has an extensive amount of experience across a large vary of software technologies and is constantly building on their knowledge-portfolio. Due to the team having worked across a wide range of industries, they are able to think outside the box when offering solutions to their clients. GBE Power is a separate division of GBE, specialising in the rapidly growing power electronics market. This includes design for power electronics in auto, aerospace and industrial power supply markets. GBEP prides themselves on their product knowledge and manufacturing excellence in several key areas of the power electronics industry. This includes a highly skilled conventional manufacturing team, with vast experience in power electronics assembly, along with bespoke multi-core cable assemblies.

GB Electronics

22nd August 2022

King's College Hospital Visit
A few members of GBE's product and electronics design team recently visited Kings College Hospital to see our (and Haemonetics') BloodTrack products in action. Always great to see products we've helped design and then manufactured onsite being used our wonderful healthcare professionals in the NHS. Thank you to James Davies (Blood Transfusion Practitioner at Kings) for your valuable time and Jaemi Patel (Transfusion Management Sales Specialist from Haemonetics) for organising the visit. Our Tech Director, Matthew Wilson, also spotted this amazing cleaning robot, complete with staff ID tag and being the tech geek he is, he wanted to share the snaps. I thought it worth posting too - another superb (and rather cute) product that.

GBE Power

9th May 2022

New GBE Power Website
2022 is certainly the year of new ventures and expansion for our GBE Group. We realised that for over 20 years we've built a considerable amount of experience in Power Electronics. This includes manufacturing, design and a growing portfolio of our own range of Static Frequency Converter power supplies.
As we are seeing a huge growth in demand for all aspects of Power Electronics – EVs, aviation, military, medical, renewables and specialist industrial, we’ve decided to launch a dedicated division to help with our current and new customers – GBE Power.
Please do have a quick look at our new website – launched TODAY by our in-house marketing team and bespoke SW company, GB Logical.

For more details see: GBE Power

GB Electronics

2nd May 2022

New GBE Website Launched
GB Electronics (UK) Ltd are proud to announce the launch of our new website. This was done in collaboration with GBL. We hope you like it and we look forward to hearing any comments you may have.

GB Logical

12th October 2021

Vidiia VH6 Available Now
In response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, GBL and GBE played a key role in developing the VH-6 Covid-19 testing device. This was based on technology initially developed by three UK universities: Brunel, Surry, Lancaster. The work included developing the device's Python code to carry out the on-board Covid-19 testing procedure, optimised to run an embedded diagnostic AI algorithm. Plus, the communication protocol to enable a user to run the entire test by a mobile softwre application, then log the encrypted results on a remote server.

For more details see: Rapid COVID-19 Test Kit | GB Electronics (UK) Ltd