GB Electronics

8th May 2024

Raspberry Pi & Odore
At GB Electronics, we have collaborated with Odore to bring top class perfume brands into convenient public locations via the design of a bespoke smart vending machine. This exciting product employs a win-win strategy to give users complimentary perfume samples after a quick survey, while providing brands with unique customer insights. Powered by Raspberry Pi technology, this smart vending machine represents a sustainable solution driven by a powerful single-board computer. Integrating the Pi with custom designed vending mechanism, power control and wireless communication protocol. As recent Raspberry Pi Design partners, we're dedicated to delivering innovation and cutting-edge technology to our clients. More recently, Odore has showcased the capabilities of the smart vending machine, and we couldn’t be prouder to share this journey with them. Discover more about Odore’s customer engagement and digital sampling solutions here - Customer Engagement & Digital Sampling | Odore