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Hand Assembly

Electronics Manufacturing

GBE offers a full 'turn-key' box build solution - from Specialised Manufacturing to High Output production. Our Strategic Product Solution Partnership has experience and expertise in all aspects of electronic PCB and product manufacturing and assembly. This includes in-house, UK based, surface mount and through-hole PCB assembly, final product manufacturing plus programming and testing services.

GBE believes that this integrated approach of design through to manufacturing, plus leveraging Wildtrax Electronics’ PCB SMA capabilities, is a key value added offering which is over and above a conventional sub-contract assembly service.

GBE’s manufacturing services include:

Prototype assembly

Low volume, high complexity builds

Conventional through hole assembly

Low to medium volumes surface mount assembly

Mixed conventional and surface mount assembly

Just In Time and Kanban

High voltage assembly and testing - up to 4kV

Cable assemblies

Workstation and Server system design, assembly and configuring

Re-work and fault testing

Production and testing to TUV / UL compliance standards

Customised production programming and testing tools

Full product serial numbering and traceability

Specialist assembly, testing and programming services (see Products for some examples)

Far East high volume manufacturing services (see Products for some examples)

IPC LogoGBE's Production staff are Certified IPC Specialists to the standard J-STD-001. This standard is recognised worldwide for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies to the highest levels and, together with our ISO 9001:2008 conforming Quality Management System, demonstrates our commitment to the highest standards of competence and performance.

GBE is registered in a Producer Compliance Scheme (with B2B Compliance) in accordance with the UK Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations 2006. B2B Compliance cover the obligations of GBE to ensure full conformity to the WEEE Regulations.

For more information see our WEEE Compliance scheme.

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